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We celebrate with you!

Bonito Michoacan Bakery has a variety of delicious cakes made of vanilla, chocolate, tres leches,  and regular bread. To prepare them our experienced bakers use fresh fruits such as strawberry, pineapple, peach, nut, and coconut, that also are used for the dessert fillings.


A cake is better than a birthday card! We have different options for you at the prices you are looking for, for instance; you can get Babycakes for  $6.99, round cakes from  $15.99 or rectangular one from   $34.99

Place your special order

We are at your service to bake a  customized cake to say “Happy Birthday” to someone you love,  a beautiful wedding cake, or any other pastries that you want to. If you need a cake for a wedding, contact us a week before. However, if you want an exclusive design for your children, visit us two days earlier.

What is your children's favorite cartoon or hero?  We have a variety of piñatas to celebrate with you those special dates, pick up one!




If you have any questions about ou products or services, please complete this form:

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