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Mexican flavor 


Bonito Michoacan Bakery


It is a pleasure for Bonito Michoacan Bakery to serve customer in the Downtown of Kansas City, offering a complete variety of bread, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, a completed diversity of delicious pastries.


A variety of bread
Variedades de dulces

Our bakery offers more than a thousand pieces of bread in fifty different varieties whose original recipes come from Mexico, Central America, the United States, and so on. Also, we have delicious cookies, beverages, such as coffee, champurrado, and oatmeal.


Everything for your party

We celebrate with you

Definitely, cakes are better than birthday cards to express our feelings to each others. Come to Bonito Michoacan Bakery and choose a special cake to say “happy birthday“,  “congratulation“,  ”you are special”, and everything you want to share.



Taste our delicious products

Have you tasted our variety of desserts that we prepare daily, such as rice pudding,  gelatines,  delicious tres leches?  Visit us and enjoy them today!

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